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  1. So, I have many cards

  2. different 52 cards
  3. I'm going to mix the cards,
  4. like so
  5. So please,
  6. I would like you to card the cards
  7. from anywhere you like
  8. Perfect
  9. So you cards from this,
  10. in the middle
  11. Now lets see
  12. I'm going to try to see through
  13. what this card is
  14. The image is kind of dizzy
  15. So, I can't really see
  16. Maybe is black card,
  17. I don't know
  18. Lets try this way
  19. I'm going to make this clear
  20. So here,
  21. I have nothing on my arm right?
  22. and the other side,nothing
  23. and the other side,nothing
  24. Now watch this
  25. See, I do this
  26. My image is dizzy
  27. it's not so clear
  28. but seems like 8 and heart right?
  29. This is actual tattoo
  30. It's not make up or anything
  31. It's real tattoo, right?
  32. Lets see what this card is
  33. This is actually 8 of hearts