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  1. The number of columns in each odd row will be two, and in each even
  2. row will be one. This is because the width is 1,900. So if we start from
  3. all the way on the edge, we can fit 800 plus another 800 is 1,600, but
  4. not another 800 which would give us 2,400. So that calculation was 1900
  5. over 800, and then we lost the decimal. In the even
  6. row, we had to subtract 400 from 1,900, because
  7. we can't use these first 400 meters. Then we
  8. can fit 800, and at this point we're at
  9. 1,200, and if we add another 800, we would be
  10. at 2,000, but that's more than 1,900, so that
  11. wouldn't fit. So that calculation was 1,900, minus 400 over
  12. 800 and then we dropped the decimal. Let's write
  13. an equation for this. Write it down and skip if
  14. you know the rest. To calculate the number of columns per odd row, we calculated
  15. the width, which was 1,900 divided by the diameter, which was 800.
  16. And then dropped the decimal. To calculate the number of columns per even row,
  17. we started with the width, subtracted the
  18. radius, or 400. Divided by the diameter,
  19. and then again, tossed the decimal. Write
  20. this down. You're going to want it for later.