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  1. Now for the answer--if I undo the failure-inducing change as returned by delta debugging,
  2. can I actually build the program.
  3. Yes, I can because this actually tested by delta debugging that the alternative
  4. makes the program passed, so the program should build normally
  5. and also the failure should no longer occur.
  6. Whether the problem is properly fixed though is another thing.
  7. I may have fixed the failure in question, but by undoing these changes,
  8. I may have introduced new bugs.
  9. In particular, these changes appear they're probably made with some specific feature in mind
  10. and the very least that will happen is that I'll lose the new feature that would be introduced
  11. by these changes, so I can't really say that the problem is properly fixed.
  12. I need to come up with a change that includes the new features or at least the effect
  13. or at least the intended effect of these original changes,
  14. but avoids the bad effect mainly the failure--so this is the final answer..