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  1. So this is your final project for the class.
  2. And judging by the looks of it, your resume should be just about done.
  3. Great job.
  4. But, before we can let you off the hook,
  5. remember that we've learned quite a bit about objects and
  6. the way that they can encapsulate information and related functions.
  7. This is a two-part final project.
  8. In the first part, take the display functions that you wrote and
  9. encapsulate them within their respective display, work and education objects.
  10. >> The second part of this project is to make the page your own.
  11. You can add whatever you want to show how truly awesome you are.
  12. In the Instructor's Notes, we've added links to a couple of
  13. cool JavaScript libraries to do interactive graphics and charts.
  14. >> Right.
  15. There are thousands of awesome JavaScript libraries out there, and
  16. most of them are really simple to include in your project.
  17. Go the extra mile, and
  18. make your project really stand out by taking advantage of any one of them.
  19. Good luck.