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  1. >> Now remember, Hart and Risley had families of a professional status,
  2. middle-class, or welfare. And what they found was that, children from
  3. professional families heard, on average, 2,153 words per hour. Children in the
  4. middle-class family heard on average 1,251 words per hour. And, the children in
  5. the welfare families heard on average 616 words per hour. Therefore, we see
  6. that the type of family that the child was in had a great impact on the overall
  7. number of words that they heard. But, that's not all. That means that, for
  8. children in a professional family they had approximately 11,000,000 words per
  9. year. those in the middle class family heard approximately 6,000,000 per year
  10. and finally those in the welfare group heard approximately 3,000,000 words per
  11. year. Hart and recently found that by age four, the children from the welfare
  12. families could have heard about 30,000,000 fewer words, compared to those in
  13. the professional family. But that's not all. Let's look at one more important
  14. finding from Hart and Risley.