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  1. This formula we just created has a special name. It is called the quadratic
  2. formula. And this name makes sense. Remember, this gives us solutions for
  3. quadratic equations, which are written in the form ax squared plus bx plus c
  4. equal 0. As long as we can find these coefficients, we can solve for x. So let's
  5. try this out. Let's see if it really works. Let's look at an example we did
  6. before, and see if we can get the same answers for the x coordinates of its x
  7. intercepts, as we did using other methods. Let's look back at x squared plus 5x
  8. plus 6 equals 0. For this quadratic equation what are a, b, and c? Were these in
  9. reference to the general form of the quadratic equation that we've been talking
  10. about?