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  1. So why are field techs so important? Let's take
  2. an example of an email address. Now you could format
  3. that as a plain text field and then users would
  4. enter so and so at something dot something and it
  5. would work in most cases. Now the great part
  6. about choosing a data type is that it provides automatic
  7. data validation. Someone couldn't enter in an illegal email address,
  8. because the, they wouldn't be able to save their record.
  9. Moreover, that functionality of that will later show up in
  10. an app so we will be able to tap that email
  11. address and it would open a mail-to link and their default
  12. email application. That's great functionality, so we want to make sure
  13. to use the data text that users expect for it. If
  14. it's a calendar, choose the date type. If it's email, choose
  15. email, etcetera. Now the best way to learn is by doing
  16. so let's go back with Samantha and Andy and do that.