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Showing Revision 5 created 10/24/2011 by Claude Almansi.

  1. I see corporatism, fascism and crony capitalism
  2. I don't see a free market
  3. I see a police state, I see an American empire
  4. I see 700 military bases in 135 foreign countries
  5. I see 5000 dead bodies in Iraq
  6. a welfare warfare state which gives out
  7. billions of dollars in foreign aid
  8. for dictators to build up huge armies
  9. I see an america that lost its way
  10. republicrats - replublicans and democrats
  11. who are both very much stand for the same thing
  12. I do not see true democracy
  13. I do not hear the voice of the people
  14. finally we have risen up
  15. mike check mike check
  16. Spain, Egypt, you know, is the dynamics, is the time right?
  17. is it the right moment?
  18. Is the psyche there?
  19. none of the things we can predict
  20. we have seen what happens when people protest
  21. and come out and march around for a day
  22. this is an opportunity may be
  23. for a new style, for a shift in power and the way
  24. people relate to each other
  25. and you know like I say
  26. we are fucked either way
  27. but it is worth the shot
  28. I was waiting for this to happen
  29. I knew it would happen
  30. because it happened in europe
  31. and I knew it would spread
  32. this is somehting that
  33. I been going through eternally for
  34. a good part of my life now and
  35. to see oit externalise in the outside world
  36. is really a blessing, it is really something that
  37. I enjoy being a part of
  38. I'm an old timer so I've been around
  39. for four decades in one kind of activism or another
  40. and you know it has always been a hope
  41. to go after wallstreet and you know attack it without
  42. getting locked up and beaten up and physically beaten up
  43. and how do we win?
  44. we are not going anywhere
  45. its a process of educating people
  46. educating the world really
  47. that we have to be first and foremost altruistic
  48. and care for the collective before caring for ourselves
  49. the model should be a growing movement of
  50. round table discussions basically
  51. I was arrested two days ago
  52. interrogated by police ivestigators
  53. and intelligence. I encourage everyone
  54. who is arrested to not to speak to these people
  55. they intimidated me that I would be chained to a wall if I didn't talk
  56. I didn't talk, how do you like that?
  57. Mayor of New York has a strange position to be in here
  58. he can't go off loooking like a Mubarak
  59. or some other middle eastern leaders and treat
  60. protesters the same way they do
  61. and he himself made a comment that if they don't
  62. find some jobs for kids they are gonna have a problem like
  63. they had in Tunisia, Egypt and other middle eastern countries
  64. the only way that people like us with no power and no money
  65. can at least try to change things is through social pressure
  66. all day all week
  67. occupy wallstreet
  68. I don't know how to achieve collective liberation
  69. which we are all striving for, but I mean, I think it all needs to happen at the same time
  70. and you know we are hear making a stand, we are holding space
  71. to make people concious, because people are in their houses
  72. comfortable, as long as they have food or they have a house
  73. they don't make an effort to demand their rights
  74. and its about time that people start standing up for a true democracy
  75. and so we can get rid of the corporate greed
  76. demands are problematic and disempowering actually
  77. because it is about people making things happen rather than
  78. expecting like someone else to take care
  79. and you could see this is like a micro society
  80. its a model for a new society its not a protest in the sense
  81. of being against something, its a way to formulate something new
  82. a mass awareness, a mass relaization and awakeingof the masses
  83. to the obstruction of justice that has been a part of our lives for too long
  84. too long of a time
  85. even though we are so close together, especially in a city like this
  86. you know, everybody is sort of scared to make that first step
  87. to break through those walls that people put up
  88. to make the connections necessary to build
  89. a community like this or different that talks about problems
  90. and we all have common problems, common things that
  91. we can change to make our lives better
  92. I'm a 60 year old Vietnam era vet who is been working like
  93. irregular hours for a lawyer and a lawyer himself is having
  94. financial problems and he is getting ready to not have me
  95. work for him any more, I'm in trouble
  96. I don't know what hell I'm going to do
  97. If you are frustrated and if you are like me, you know
  98. see the tea party in news and television all the time
  99. and you wonder why the hell isn't there a radical left
  100. answer to the tea party, you should be here
  101. if you have a tonne of student debt like me
  102. you should be here
  103. if you pissed off and you realize that if you paid any taxes
  104. last year, you paid more taxes than General Electric, the corporation
  105. you should be here
  106. you want to see something amazing, you should be here
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  108. all day all week