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  1. And my answer is 0.288. How do I get that? Let's look at the three critical cases.
  2. H T T is 0.6 for H times 0.4 for tails times another 0.4 for tails again and it gives me 0.096.
  3. Now it turns out this case over here has the same probability because all we do is we order it
  4. 0.4 x 0.6 x 0.4 and we know that in multiplication the order doesn't matter,
  5. so you get the same 0.096, and by the same logic, if third one also gets me 0.096.
  6. So adding this 0.096s together, if we get them, gives me 0.288.
  7. So I did not have to fill the entire truth table, which you might have done in the derivation.
  8. I only have to fill out the cases I care about, yet they give me their correct result.