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  1. Hi, I'm Ilya Grigorik, developer advocate, and web performance engineer at
  2. Google. Which is to say, I like to make things fast.
  3. >> And I'm Cameron Pittman. I'm a course
  4. developer here at Udacity. Pretty new to web development,
  5. which means I've made a few pages in the
  6. past, but never optimized any of them for speed.
  7. >> Developing a great website requires that you
  8. understand your users and what they want to
  9. achieve, but also how the browser works, so
  10. you can build a fast and great experience.
  11. >> Right. You know, I recently
  12. ran my page through PageSpeed Insights. And I, well,
  13. my score was pretty low, and I got some suggestions
  14. I didn't quite understand. Like, for instance, how do
  15. I remove render blocking JavaScript, and what are asynchronous scripts?
  16. >> You know what, those are great
  17. questions. And you're definitely not the only one.
  18. Both of the optimizations that you've asked about
  19. have to do with critical rendering path, which
  20. is the sequence of steps the browser goes through to render the page. And I
  21. think a lot of us take it for granted that the browser does all the work,
  22. but once you understand how the browser
  23. constructs dom, the cssom subject model layout
  24. and paint, you can reliably build pages that rendered in less than one second.
  25. >> Wow. One second. That is awesome. I would love to have all my
  26. pages rendered in less than a second. What do I need to get started?
  27. >> Well, to start how about an hour of your
  28. time. We're going to take a ground up view of how the
  29. browser constructs the page and once you know that I
  30. think you'll be in great shape to answer your own questions
  31. about how to optimize your own page.
  32. >> Awesome. Let's do it.
  33. >> Actually, one more thing before we get
  34. started. I want you to write down some thoughts
  35. about what you want to get out of this course and what you would like to learn.
  36. >> Okay.