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  1. So go ahead and fix a problem that calls the
  2. error. So here's my query to get the conferences right, order
  3. by name, so let's just take that off. We don't want
  4. to order by name right there, instead, we want to order
  5. by max attendees, we put that right after we add
  6. the filter for it. But we still want to order by name,
  7. so let's just add that second sort order in here. Then
  8. you can go ahead and test the function. Just make sure
  9. that you actually have some conferences that satisfy
  10. all these criteria, otherwise you won't get any results.
  11. So let's say you've got this query, to
  12. get all the conferences. How would you update it
  13. to filter for conferences in Tokyo, where there's
  14. at least one but less than ten seats available?
  15. And the results are sorted by the number seats
  16. available, the name of the conference, and the month.
  17. So when you figured it out, go ahead and enter the code here.