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Dreamracer Pty Ltd is promotion company and a global supply. The firm was created to promote, market, and distribute multi-award winning feature film documentary Dream Racer. <br />The Dream Racer movie shows The Dakar Rally in its purest kind – no patrons, no multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic – merely one man, a motorbike, his tool-roll, and most dangerous motor race is ’sed by the world. <br />Dream Racer has been broadcast on Discovery World, FOX, featured as part of international in-flight movies at Qantas, Virgin, and Emirates. Awards were won by the movie Dream Racer in La, Barcelona, Milan, Marina del Rey, Oregon, New York and has also been nominated in Austria, and Australia for Best Edited Film. <br />Dream Racer has won multiple awards around the globe and continues to be acclaimed by Mitchell Block, producer of school award documentary Big Mama as "A PERSUASIVE, TRANSFERRING AND POWERFUL MOVIE."