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  1. At the heart of every experiment there's a good question. And these questions
  2. come from observation. I've been observing my co-workers here at Audacity,
  3. drink coffee every single morning right when they come in. I want to know why.
  4. So, I think there might be a good experiment there. I'm going to wait here
  5. until somebody comes, so that I can figure out what's going on. We've got
  6. someone. Good morning, Andy.
  7. >> Good morning, Lauren.
  8. >> How are you?
  9. >> fine.
  10. >> I see you're making coffee. You drink a lot of coffee. Why is that?
  11. >> it makes me more effective in the morning, I work better and faster I guess.
  12. >> Are you saying that it decreases your reaction time?
  13. >> No, I didn't say that, but I guess yeah, I guess it probably increases my
  14. reaction time.
  15. >> You mean decreases. Do you want me to stop asking questions this early in the
  16. morning?
  17. >> That would be, that would be fine.
  18. >> Well, thank you, Andy. I think I have an idea for a good experiment. I'll see
  19. you later.