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  1. >> Hi, I'm Cay.
  2. >> I'm Sara.
  3. >> We'll be the instructors for this course. The way most people interact with
  4. their computer is in the same way that I just did with my Word Processor. There
  5. were a lot of buttons, but if there isn't a button for what I want to do then
  6. I'm stuck.
  7. >> However, there's a secret language that you can use to make your computer do
  8. whatever you want it to do.
  9. >> In this course, we teach you that secret language. When you learn it, you will
  10. have power over your computer.
  11. >> We'll get you started with the Java programming environment, and you'll write
  12. your first programs.
  13. >> You might make a few mistakes. That's okay. Actually, it's good, because you
  14. learn from your mistakes.
  15. >> We're really excited to teach you the secret language, so that you can make the
  16. computer do what you want it to do. Let's get started.