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  1. >> Hey, Kristian, you caught it.
  2. >> I did.
  3. >> How come, how, what made it possible to catch?
  4. >> Well, it was light enough. It was grip-able.
  5. >> Yea.
  6. >> It's about the right size.
  7. >> Mm-hm. So, we call those features affordances.
  8. It's about the right size, you can flip it
  9. around, you can throw it and catch it,
  10. and, you know, you can even hide behind it,
  11. because it doesn't afford the transmission
  12. of light. So, affordance is very important.
  13. >> Wow. Thank you. Hey, there's something inside.
  14. >> How do you know?
  15. >> Well, I heard something inside when I shook it.
  16. >> And that means.
  17. >> That I have a model that, that there's object.
  18. >> We call those conceptual models.
  19. >> Oh, is it a gift?
  20. >> Open it. What are you looking for?
  21. >> I'm looking for something that tells me I
  22. can open it. [NOISE] because this lid doesn't open.
  23. >> Mm-hm.
  24. >> There's a tab here that tells me something. It slid out.
  25. >> A-ha, it signifies that you can open
  26. it there and we call that a signifier.
  27. >> [NOISE]
  28. Oh, you shouldn't have.
  29. >> It's okay.
  30. I'm Kristian Simsarian.
  31. >> And I'm Don Norman.
  32. >> And I'm Chelsey Glasson,
  33. and together, we'll be teaching the Design of Everyday Things.
  34. >> Look around you. Everything is designed. If you thought a
  35. designer was the one who helped you choose curtains, then we'll show
  36. you that it's broader and deeper. It's about how things look,
  37. how they work, and just as importantly, how they make you feel.
  38. >> And, we're going to give you the scientific principals behind good
  39. design. The things that make it understandable. You already know three.
  40. Affordances, signifiers, and conceptual models.
  41. >> We'll also help you take the first
  42. steps in designing the world around you, yourself.