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  1. This is actually a little bit tricky. Even
    though we've talked a lot about what
  2. vocabulary is, sometimes it's hard to
    apply it to actual situations. Let's start
  3. from the bottom and work up. -100000 is
    part of a term, but the term that it's
  4. part of is actually -100,000x. Remember
    that the term is the whole thing that's
  5. going to be added to other things or
    subtracted from other things. So -100000
  6. on its own is not a term, so let's cross
    that out. We said earlier that -100,000x
  7. is a variable term as a whole, but it's
    not the -100000 that makes the term a
  8. variable term. It's the x that does that,
    so, -100,000 itself is not a variable.
  9. Constant was the word that we used for
    numbers that were terms on their own,
  10. things like 3 million right here. This is
    something that is a term by itself that
  11. has no variables as part of it. -100,000
    is not standing on its own, it's
  12. multiplied by x, so this is not a constant
    either. That leaves us with coefficient.
  13. Remember that coefficients are the number
    parts of variable terms. So they are
  14. numbers that are multiplied by variables
    to create variable terms. I know there are
  15. a lot of subtle differences involved in
    this, but over time this will become a
  16. much more natural feeling. Great job
    working on all this vocab.