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  1. >> We looked at solving linear equations graphically. We looked at the
  2. intersection of two lines. And we know that the values of the coordinates, of
  3. those points of intersection, would satisfy, either equation passing through
  4. that point. So we're considering, the x intercepts, of our lovely parabola, that
  5. we now have two equivelent equations for. What lines do we need to think about
  6. intersecting, at either one of these points? I'll give you a hint, that it's the
  7. same two equations at each point. And if you decide that this parabola is one of
  8. the lines that you should use, then it doesn't matter if you write the equation
  9. in this form, or in this form. Fill in the rest of these two equations right
  10. here, that we are interested in.