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  1. Keep in mind that for responsive images, like adaptive
  2. layout that we learned about in the last few lessons,
  3. we frequently will want to adapt the size of the
  4. image, the layout size of the image, depending on how
  5. much space we have. Sometimes we do that with
  6. simple scaling, for example, here, on our conference app, we're
  7. currently rescaling the speaker images depending on the layout size.
  8. Sometimes though, we may actually want to switch between subjectively
  9. different images too. For example, you might want to crop your subject
  10. more closely when you don't have as much space to render the image.
  11. Using images differently in terms of
  12. art direction in different scenarios is part
  13. of what makes these responsive images
  14. rather then just scalable pixel ratio images.