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  1. Okay, why is machine learning useful? So that's, that, that's
  2. a great question and, and it, you know, I, I think
  3. it touches on this, this sort of classic question, or
  4. this long running discussion, on what is the difference between statistics
  5. and machine learning. there's, there, there's a lot of great
  6. papers. There's one classic paper, I, I forget the name exactly,
  7. but it's something along the lines of the two cultures, and
  8. talking about why these two different approaches developed. So I think,
  9. if you look at machine learning, it, it grew out
  10. more of a computer science direction, and, and it grew
  11. out of a lot of areas where people had very
  12. practical hands on questions, right? How can we build the
  13. best recommendation system? How can we make the best predictions
  14. or classifiers for, for a given problem? And machine learning
  15. has developed a lot of really, really good techniques for
  16. doing that, for doing things that work very well in practice.
  17. And so I, I think that's there, there are
  18. a lot of applications where that's really what you're
  19. getting at particularly when you have the opportunity to
  20. build a product that will you know, take some action
  21. based on, based on some algorithms. Those are areas
  22. where machine learning is really at the cutting edge
  23. of coming up with the most effective ways of
  24. making decisions in real time based on data. I see.