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An Entrepreneur Speaks About Social Media

My regular Wednesday co-host, Ken Herron, Mr. Cool Hunter of new technologies, takes over the microphone. His guest today is Kimberley Crossley.

Kimberley was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Like many of our listeners, Kim is relatively new to social media marketing, and is finishing up Brighton College’s Internet Marketing Program, with a specialization in Social Media Marketing. In her spare time, Kim draws, writes, blogs, and is an avid photographer. She loves kids and animals and uses her blog to speak out again cruelty and abuse.

Today they will be discussing all the questions most entrepreneurs ask themselves when they venture into the world of social media. What gets you excited about social media? How do you see it helping ‘the little guy’ compete against larger businesses? Will it work for me if I don’t have a background in marketing and technology? How will I keep up? Where do I start? If I only have time for one platform, which one should it be? Should I do it myself? How will I know if it’s working?