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  1. Welcome back to English In A Minute
    from BBC Learning English.

  2. I'm James and today
    we're going to talk about
  3. the difference between
    'in the end' and 'at the end'.
  4. We're going to go to the beach
    at the end of the month.
  5. In this example,
  6. we're talking about
    a specific moment in time
  7. - the final moment
    of the month.
  8. In the end, we decided
    not to go to the beach.
  9. Whereas 'at the end'
    is about the final moments,
  10. 'in the end'
    is about the time leading
  11. up to the final
  12. Let me explain the example
    in more detail.
  13. Hey there!
    Shall we go to the beach?
  14. Sam: I'm not sure - I might be busy.
    Dan: Did you two go to the beach?
  15. James:
    No. In the end, we couldn't go.
  16. Sam and I considered
    going to the beach,
  17. but eventually,
    we decided not to go.
  18. If at the end of the video
    you don't quite understand,
  19. watch it
  20. In the end,
    you might just find it useful.
  21. Bye,