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  1. So let’s follow our Jersey Square team down
  2. and see what they’ve done for customer
  3. relationships. We’ll it’s really interesting to
  4. remember when they first started. Customer
  5. relationships for then said search ads, social
  6. medium and stadium promotions. And there
  7. was nothing wrong with that. But really
  8. what they discovered is that they were actually
  9. just talking about the customer acquisition
  10. portion, or the get portion of customer
  11. relationships. But we really want teams to
  12. understand, what you can do to keep customers
  13. long-term, and what are you going to do
  14. to grow them in the next couple of years as we.
  15. So we ask you to think about get, keep
  16. and grow. And they did a good job of
  17. getting out of the building and doing that.