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  1. Here is the solution.
  2. We start with the empty list. We go through all the elements in p.
  3. This is the tricky line.
  4. We will construct Q element-by-element by accessing the corresponding p,
  5. and p is shifted by U and if this shift exceeds the range of p on the left,
  6. we apply the modulo operator with the number of states as an argument.
  7. In this case, it'll be 5.
  8. Now, the reason why there is a minus sign is tricky.
  9. To shift the distribution to the right, U = 1,
  10. we need to find in p the element 1 place to the left.
  11. Rather than shifting p to the right directly,
  12. what I've done is I've constructed q by searching for
  13. where the robot might have come from.
  14. That's of course, in hindsight, from the left.
  15. Therefore, there is a minus sign over here.
  16. So think about this, as it's a little bit nontrivial,
  17. but it's going to be important as we go forward and define
  18. probabilistic convolution and generalize this to the noisy case.