23 WE ALL NEED FAMILY - Don't Give Beef To A Baby....

23 WE ALL NEED FAMILY - Don't Give Beef To A Baby....

In this very important lesson we talk about how we can help people grow up in Christ, and that God's design to do that is not just inviting them to church, but to give them family - a spiritual family.

A quote from my book:

"A family with a father, mother, brothers, and sisters is God’s natural design for us to grow up from being a helpless baby into a mother or father who has children of their own. In the same way that a family is God’s design for us to grow in the physical sense, a spiritual family (the church) is God’s design for us to grow spiritually.”

In the video series here, we've talked about how to find the person of peace. But, what do we do after we've found them and led them to Christ? How do we help them to grow up?

In this lesson, we look at the different levels people are on and how we can help them to grow up from there.

God bless you
Torben Søndergaard

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