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  1. So we mentioned that a mobile user persona is
  2. different than a web or desktop user persona. So I
  3. think that a lot you might have started out
  4. in web or desktop, so maybe we should start there.
  5. >> Yeah, what are the attributes of this web or desktop persona?
  6. >> Well the first thing is that there always going to be plugged into power.
  7. >> Yeah.
  8. >> They generally have a constant internet
  9. connection that's usually fast. And generally they
  10. have a pretty big screen. And they have some sort of physical keyboard and a
  11. mouse or touch pen. And they're seated with their
  12. full attention usually on their laptop or their desktop.
  13. >> Yeah, and this is so different then
  14. a mobile user because unlike mobile for web and
  15. desktop applications. Let's say, you're writing a document or
  16. you're working on a presentation, chances are. You're fully
  17. immersed in the content that you're creating on
  18. your machine. And another difference, actually, between web, and
  19. desktop apps, and mobile apps. Is that when you
  20. close a desktop app, they tend to go away.
  21. Like you close a tab on your browser, but mobile
  22. apps tend to run in the background quite a bit.
  23. They're sensing your location, they've all kinds of sensors that
  24. are providing input. And applications are doing something within the background