ISOC-NY / Augmented Reality New York meetup - April 2013

ISOC-NY / Augmented Reality New York meetup - April 2013

Members of the Internet Society's New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) are actively engaged in helping form a new Augmented and Virtual Reality Chapter. The first associated event was a joint meetup with the ARNY - Augmented Reality New York on April 24 2013.

Moderator: Ori Inbar

6:19 - Oriel Bergig - VP R&D,Ogmento - Launching Oboto the state-of-the art interactive Auggie robot in the real world.

17:30 - Eric Woods - Founder, MindSpace - Introducing Imaginality: a suite of augmented reality applications for schools.

34:06 - Jay Van Buren - Early Adopter - Augmentable Timeline and Map for Education.

49:15 - Lawrence Gasman - Smartech Markets Publishing - Market report teaser: Opportunities for augmented reality 2013-2022.

1:12:00 - ARNY Member Announcements


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