What is Bipolar 2 Disorder?

What is Bipolar 2 Disorder?

A lot of people wonder how bipolar disorder looks any different from “normal” people and to be honest, those with bipolar disorder can live wonderful and fulfilling lives, and nothing about them is really different. However, if you interact with someone who is in an episode (like depression, hypomania, or mania) they can act just like you would expect someone in that state to act. They can be depressed, irritable, have pressured speech, and act in very irrational and impulsive ways. If someone in your life is acting this way, it’s best to not address it until they are out of that episode, and then simply mention that you have noticed they haven’t been themselves and you are happy to help them get some help in any way you can. The goal is to express our worry, and get them professional help, not judge them, so try to keep that in mind when you are preparing what you want to say because we want to make sure they really hear us. Also keep in mind that in my experience, most people are more apt to hear us and want to get help when they are in a depressive episode rather than a manic or hypomanic episode, so if you are able to catch them then it could be better.
The last thing I want to talk about is just that bipolar 2 disorder is often misdiagnosed as major depressive disorder. Usually because those of us with bipolar 2 go in to see a therapist or doctor when we are depressed and feeling down. Then when they ask us about their symptoms we are only able to tell them about what we are feeling now, so they think that all we have experienced is depression, and they diagnose us as such. But the scary part is that if we are given an SSRI or SNRI (an antidepressant) we can be pushed into mania or hypomania, and that can lead to devastating consequences for us because if you remember hypomania and mania can cause us to over shop, have risky sex, and do things out of our character. Order My Book Today! Are u ok? http://bit.ly/2s0mULyTry​ ​BetterHelp
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