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    And the answer there is there are three Pareto-optimal solutions, here, here and here.
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    Everything but the top left. Let's see why.
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    So a Pareto-optimal solution is one where nobody can unilaterally switch their strategies to improve themselves
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    without making someone else worse off.
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    Let's start up here. So here, B has a reward of zero, that's the best anybody could hope for,
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    so B doesn't want to switch. A would like to switch over here, but that would make B worse off.
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    Similarly, over here, A is happy to stay there, B would like to switch, but that would make A worse off.
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    And same thing over here. If A switches, it makes B worse, and if B switches, it makes A worse.
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    So all three of these are Pareto-optimal, whereas this one is not.
U14 3
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