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  1. And the answer is actually this one.
  2. If you don't believe me, you should absolutely try this out.
  3. Get in a car or on a train and while going along at constant speed,
  4. drop an object in front of yourself.
  5. You will see that it falls straight down.
  6. Now, this may cause you to ask yourself what is going on?
  7. I'm seeing the same results when I drop an apple on a train that's moving pretty fast
  8. as I see when I drop an apple on the ground, and the ground is stationary, right?
  9. Well, in fact, in physics motion at a constant speed is absolutely
  10. indistinguishable from being at rest.
  11. If you were on this train and you boarded up all the windows,
  12. and again remember it's moving perfectly smoothly but at a constant speed,
  13. there is no experiment that you could do to determine whether you're moving or at rest.
  14. That is pretty mind-blowing, I think.