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  1. And highly intelligent in linguistics would be really good for poets, writers,
  2. lawyers, politicians or speech writers. Because they're really good with spoken
  3. and written words. Scientists, engineers and accountant would really benefit
  4. from mathematical and logical intelligence. Because they're good at performing
  5. mathematical operations and analyzing information and problems logically.
  6. Spatial intelligence really helps navigators, pilots, architects and sculptors
  7. do their job. Because they're really good at solving problems in three
  8. dimensional space. Musical intelligent benefits musicians, songwriters, and
  9. dancers. Because they have a greater capacity to perform, or compose music, and
  10. to hear patterns and recognize them in music. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
  11. really helps athletes, dancers, mechanics, and carpenters. Because the use
  12. their whole body or different parts of their bodies to solve problems and make
  13. something or carry out performances. You'll see high levels of interpersonal
  14. intelligence in people who live contemplative lives, such as rabbis, priests,
  15. or monks, because they reflect inwards. They really understand who they are,
  16. and what they want. You'll see high levels of interpersonal intelligence in
  17. psychologists, politicians, and some types of writers because they understand
  18. other people and what motivates them. And finally, the naturalist intelligence
  19. is great for botanists, ecologists, and biologists because they're sensitive to
  20. the natural world, and can understand how to differentiate different living
  21. things.