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  1. So maybe it updating was
    the wrong thing here.
  2. We got rid of the spam, but
    now we have way too much cheese.
  3. Let's find out how to get rid
    of the cheesy posts entirely.
  4. Remember how bobby tables
    deleted all of our posts once?
  5. It was with the delete statement,
    but delete can be used for
  6. good as well as for evil.
  7. We just need to be a little
    selective with it.
  8. Just like select and update, the delete
    statement can take a where restriction.
  9. And just as with update, you can task
    that where restriction by using it in
  10. the select,
    before you go deleting anything.
  11. And now you can probably clean all of
    the cheese out of your database with
  12. a single command.
  13. When you're done, reload the forum and
    see that all the cheese posts have gone.