In Light of Eternity - The Life of Leonard Ravenhill - Paul Washer

In Light of Eternity - The Life of Leonard Ravenhill - Paul Washer


IN LIGHT OF ETERNITY - The Life of Leonard Ravenhill
by Mack Tomlinson

Ravenhill's spiritual life, uniquely marked by experiential godliness, was from its beginning rooted in eighteenth century English Methodism. Had he lived two hundred years earlier, he could have been one of the men laboring in the gospel with John Wesley or George Whitefield. His grandmother, mother, and father were all converted to Christ through that spiritual heritage. Converted at age fifteen, Ravenhill later trained for Christian ministry under the saintly influence of Samuel Chadwick at Cliff College in England. Characterized by a deep life of prayer, passionate evangelistic zeal and a powerful preaching gift, his ministry drew traffic-jamming crowds in the British Isles during the 1930's and 1940's. Along with D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. Edwin Orr, Ravenhill was one of the few specialists in the 20th century regarding the message of genuine revival and spiritual awakening.

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