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  1. In Light of Eternity
  2. The Life of Leonard Ravenhill
  3. Now why am I recommending this book?
  4. Well, because Leonard Ravenhill
  5. had such a tremendous impact
  6. upon my life as a young man,
  7. a young Christian.
  8. I had the privilege of reading
  9. many of his books,
  10. of listening to many of his sermons.
  11. But I also had the privilege of
  12. listening to him preach live
  13. in the congregation
  14. and also a few conversations with him.
  15. And I can tell you
  16. that this man walked with God.
  17. And I don't say that lightly.
  18. Not at all.
  19. He truly walked with God.
  20. And he was a man of prayer.
  21. In a day where ministers are
  22. sending out questionnaires to discover
  23. what people want to hear,
  24. and what they want out of a church.
  25. Leonard Ravenhill is refreshing.
  26. He only wanted to know what
  27. God wanted the people to know.
  28. And that's what made him so prophetic
  29. and so useful in God's economy.
  30. Now again, the book is
  31. "In Light of Eternity:
    The Life of Leonard Ravenhill"
  32. I've written here on the back -
  33. they let me say something
  34. it's one of the
    greatest privileges
  35. of my life to be able to do so.
  36. This is what I have written.
  37. I was introduced to Leonard Ravenhill
  38. at the very beginning
    of my Christian pilgrimage.
  39. And the impact of his life upon mine
  40. remains unto this day.
  41. He lived as one who dwelt
  42. in the shadow of the Almighty,
  43. and he preached as one sent from God.
  44. He knew God's presence,
  45. wore His mantle, bore His burdens,
  46. and spoke His truth.
  47. He was the rarest of commodities
  48. in his day,
  49. and in ours.
  50. He was a man of God.
  51. And his legacy continues
    in people like me,
  52. so many of my friends,
  53. so many of the seminary students
  54. that were friends of mine
  55. and college students.
  56. We used to gather together
  57. just to go listen to him.
  58. It was always exciting to hear that
  59. Leonard Ravenhill was in town,
  60. because you knew that he was
  61. going to tell you the truth.
  62. And you knew that he was
  63. going to bring you something from God.
  64. I guess one of the greatest impacts
  65. that Leonard Ravenhill had on my life
  66. was with regard to prayer
  67. and the power of God.
  68. Like E.M. Bounds,
  69. like George Mueller,
  70. like Robert Murray McCheyne,
  71. he was a man of prayer.
  72. And he taught us that every battle
  73. had to be won on our knees.
  74. Not in the pulpit,
  75. not in activity,
  76. not in ministry,
  77. but before God.
  78. And he taught us that a man needed
  79. God's seal, God's approval
    upon his life.
  80. And that although we need to
  81. study the Scriptures
    and memorize the Scriptures
  82. and concern ourselves with the purist,
  83. most pristine theology,
  84. we must have the power of God
  85. upon our lives.
  86. It's an absolute essential.
  87. An absolute essential.
  88. And that's why I recommend this book.
  89. Many of the young men that
    are around me,
  90. they're all very serious about
  91. church history and systematic theology
  92. and Greek and Hebrew
  93. and all those things that are
    so very important,
  94. expository preaching;
  95. but when it's all said and done,
  96. I ask them,
  97. the things Ravenhill used to ask us.
  98. How many hours on your knees?
  99. How much do you pray?
  100. You know about God.
  101. Do you know God?
  102. Do you know Him?
  103. And so I recommend this book
  104. "In Light of Eternity:
    The Life of Leonard Ravenhill"
  105. And they tell me that you can get it
  106. at
  107. That's
  108. And I highly recommend this book.
  109. I'm not giving a recommendation here
  110. because I have something to gain.
  111. And I'm not even giving a recommendation
  112. because Mack Tomlinson
    is a good friend of mine.
  113. I'm giving this recommendation because
  114. Leonard Ravenhill had a tremendous impact
  115. on my life.
  116. A tremendous impact.
  117. And I believe that he will also
  118. have an impact on yours.
  119. God bless you.