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Can Business Etiquette and Social Media Co-Exist?


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Are you surprised by the posts you see on social media? Or have you become immune to the outrageous, exaggerated, and often-inappropriate behavior? Have you ever asked yourself – what were they thinking? Well, you are in good company!

It’s easy to be lured into conversations, debates, opinions, and craziness that have become so common on sites like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and even LinkedIn. But what are the consequences? Perhaps your business is suffering from a tarnished reputation and you don’t even know it.

Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show is all about the business of etiquette in the world of social media. We’ll review the differences in the major sites and the tolerance levels of those who connect with you there. I’ll talk about the safe topics, the take-a-risk topics, and the stay-away-from topics.