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  1. So once again, it's time to summarize what we've learned in this unit.
  2. Just as English sentences could be broken up into words,
  3. so can HTML and JavaScript be broken up into tokens,
  4. typically separated by spaces.
  5. Some of the more complicated token types we looked at were number, word, and string.
  6. Since these correspond to sets of strings, we use regular expressions to specify them.
  7. I've introduced you to JavaScript and showed you how to use regular expressions
  8. to specify core parts of HTML and JavaScript.
  9. In the homework for this unit, you'll be given a chance to expand on that knowledge.
  10. It'll be fun!
  11. In our next exciting episode, we're going to continue our slow but steady progress
  12. towards an HTML + JavaScript interpreter. Fun stuff!
  13. Hope you join me next time.