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  1. Congratulations. You've completed this course.
  2. >> Thank you for taking the time and effort to do so.
  3. >> And we hope you've appreciated taking this class as much as we have creating
  4. it.
  5. >> And we want to give a special thanks to everyone who made this possible, from
  6. our guest experts to our team here at Udacity, with a special thanks to Calvin
  7. and Kugory who helped us produce this course.
  8. >> And now that we've come to a close in the course
  9. >> We hope you can fully appreciate understanding psychology; that is human
  10. thought and behavior. Both scientifically and clinically and about sometimes
  11. how these processes can go wrong, but if they do there are treatment options to
  12. help people.
  13. >> That's right. And we also hope you appreciate the complexity of our brains as
  14. well as knowing that we need to have a healthy brain to function successfully
  15. in our world. In addition, we hope that you appreciate the environment and how
  16. that shapes our behavior, and how it's really a combination of both nature and
  17. nurture that makes you, you.
  18. >> And because we're dedicated to making this the very best course we can make it.
  19. We hope that you can give us feedback on this anonymous survey to tell us what
  20. you liked, what you loved, and what you thought needed improvement. And even
  21. though you're done, check back in from time to time, because we're going to add
  22. new material.
  23. >> And you can further your knowledge on Psychology.
  24. >> 'Kay, cut. That's a wrap.
  25. >> It is a wrap.
  26. >> Yay.
  27. >> Woo. [clapping]