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  1. In the last twenty years, one approach to treating Autism has been far superior
  2. to other forms and has much empirical support. This approach follows ABA
  3. principals, and this specific technique was pioneered by Ivar Lovaas. And is
  4. termed Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, or EIBI. It's termed Early,
  5. because the children with autism begin treatment very early in their lives,
  6. some as young as 18 months. It's termed Intensive, because it requires 20 to 40
  7. hours of therapy per week. EIBI has been shown to improve adaptive behavior,
  8. expressive language, receptive language and daily communication skills.
  9. Moreover, it improves daily living skills, and some studies have shown
  10. increases in IQ. Therapist use the principles of ABA to teach children with
  11. Autism Spectrum Disorders verbal behavior and communication skills. They also
  12. teach these children how to play, as this is a skill that they often lack. This
  13. evidence based therapy using ABA was recently the subject of the California
  14. senate. When they unanimously passed an extension to an autism law that
  15. requires insurance companies to cover ABA therapies for treating ASD. And they
  16. did so, because these therapies are effective.