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  1. For you first encounter with actual WebGL and 3js code, I'll give you a simple
  2. program that creates a scene with one object, a cube. And a few grids
  3. surrounding it. To see it, however, you'll have to get your hands dirty and fix
  4. a few syntax errors. In the code, to the left of the lines that have problems,
  5. you'll see little marks that denote that you need to fix those lines. Make the
  6. corrections, and then try doing the test run, and you should see this. Once you
  7. fix the three syntax errors in the program, you should see something like this
  8. on your screen. Note that you can interact with it. You can move around, zoom
  9. and pan. Try the various mouse controls to see how it works. If you get things
  10. into a broken state, just refresh the page on your browser. Once you've got the
  11. program running, try changing numbers in the code to see the effect. Don't worry
  12. about what the code's doing at this point, I'll be covering that in the lessons
  13. ahead. More importantly, I'll be explaining the underlying physical principles
  14. and mathematics behind this code.