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  1. Now that we have this equation, let's think about what to do next. Remember, our
  2. goal here was to solve for x. So we have x on one side of the equation. In fact
  3. it's in two terms. So how can we isolate x from these two terms? If our variable
  4. appears in two terms, we need to factor in order to isolate it. Both of these
  5. terms share a factor of x, which means I'll be left with x times the quantity 1
  6. minus z. A quick distribution let's me know that this step is correct. Finally,
  7. we divide both sides by the number 1 minus z to get our final answer. 1x, or
  8. just x, is equal to zy divided by 1 minus z. Here, we actually solve for x. So
  9. solving for a variable is very similar to solving for numbers. We want to
  10. isolate the variable on one side of the equation, and sometimes that might
  11. involve factoring. Then we just divide by the coefficient, or everything that's
  12. not x, to get x alone.