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  1. This would be the numerator and this would be the denominator, fantastic algebra
  2. skills if you figure those two out. Now, I know you might have never seen this
  3. being distributed to a fraction. Lets see how we can do that. We'll distribute
  4. the 8x to each term in the numerator and to each term in the denominator. This
  5. pare is the easiest of the multiplications we'll have 6 times 8x, which is 48x,
  6. for the second one the x's will cancel. We will have an x in the numerator and
  7. an x in the denominator. So we'll be left with 3 times 8 which equals 24. If
  8. that seems a little off to you, think of 8x as 8x divided by 1. You know x
  9. divided by x equals 1. So we're left with 3 times 8 which equals 24. For this
  10. multiplication 8 divided by 4 equals 2. So we're left with x times 2 x, which
  11. equals 2 x squared. And finally, for the last one, 1 8th of 8x would just be 1
  12. x. 8 divided by 8 equals 1, so we're left with 1 x.