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Forty Million People Have Mastered 6 Seconds of Time

My Wednesday co-host PM The LinkedIn Lady Show, Ken Herron, has been working overtime on the most current and easy-to-execute ideas to better market your business. If you have been listening to the show for awhile, you already know Ken has been a big advocate of Vine since their initial introduction on Twitter. But I’m willing to bet that even Ken didn’t anticipate that seven months later we would be talking about their milestone of reaching 40 million users – with no slow down in growth!

Are your marketing to adults? To teens? To both? Needless to say, the social platforms you need to master are directly related to where your demographic hangs out. New information may surprise you.

Marketers, salesmen, statisticians, and scientists are understand the concept of cause and effect. But did you know there is an app designed specifically for social habits on line called We’ll tell you all about it and why you might want to subscribe.

Hacking, attacking, brandjacking, and competitor bullying are all realities of the virtual world, but there are things you should…no, you MUST do to prepare, respond, and remedy without damaging your brand.