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  1. Okay, so this is what I think. HTML response turns into Tokens which
  2. turns into Nodes which turn into the DOM Tree. That one is true.
  3. That's the process we just learned. In this one,
  4. each token like startTag and endTag get converted into DOM nodes.
  5. This is in fact false. A single DOM node will start with a startTag token and
  6. end with an endTag token. Between the startTag and
  7. endTag tokens come other tokens which will define one DOM node. In this one,
  8. Nodes contain all relevant information about the HTML element. This is true.
  9. The information will be described using tokens. And the last one,
  10. Nodes are connected into a DOM tree based on token hierarchy. This one is true.
  11. If another set of startTag and endTag tokens come between startTag and
  12. endTag, you have a node inside a node,
  13. and this is how we define the hierarchy of the DOM tree.
  14. Lastly, it's also worth noting that DOM construction is incremental.