Google+ Platform Office Hours: I/O Recap

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This week we talked about Google I/O and reviewed some of the new Google+ platform features that were announced.

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0:10 - Introductions
2:55 - Stories about Google I/O 2012 #io12
8:58 - The Sun is introduced

9:40 - A brief introduction to the History API
15:56 - Sign up for the History API developer preview
17:13 - How to request a new moment type
17:54 - Abraham and the History API at #iohack
19:33 - Is the History API a Google+ write API?
21:03 - The Sun joins our office hours (Thanks Chris Ridgeway!)
24:00 - Does the history API work in a hangout yet?
24:55 - Can Google+ Pages use the history API?

26:40 - Should I use the official ruby Google API client library?
28:48 - Should I index Google+ users by their profile ID or their email address?

29:50 - Hangouts at I/O

34:58 - Will Google+ history work with Gmail?

36:05 - Does comments tracker work with events?
36:25 - When will Hangouts On Air work in Germany?
36:23 - Can we have screen capture of hangout video for use in the History API?
39:50 - Can I run more than one Hangout App simultaneously?