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  1. Let's just take a look at the last piece which is why you're here.
  2. How do we teach entrepreneurship?
  3. Well, in the past, entrepreneurial education was about execution.
  4. We're going to teach you how to write a business plan.
  5. We're going to teach you how to put together the power point for the VC presentation.
  6. If we're doing it really well, we'll have you lots of research.
  7. But it really assumed it was all about execution. What we now know that's just simply not the case.
  8. Entrepreneurial education, the reason why you're taking this class
  9. is about the search for the business model and we're going to teach you how to search.
  10. And so what that means about entrepreneurial education is that eventually
  11. we do need you to know everything an MBA knows.
  12. Eventually if your success in growing your startup into a large company,
  13. you're going to need to know about accounting and HR
  14. and organizational behavior and global leadership and etc.
  15. But at first, you need a different set of skills that just never existed before,
  16. and so welcome to the first class of its type that's going to put search first and that's a radical change.
  17. It's not just one more methodology.
  18. This class is going to teach you all the skills about strategy and process and organization
  19. and eventually if you build a successful company, we'll then allow you to write the plans
  20. and operating documents and financial spreadsheets to actually execute the company.
  21. Hold on to your seats, we're about to get started and let's jump in
  22. to business models and customer development.