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Put the Plus in GooglePlus for Your Business


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My regular listeners have heard me refer to Google+ as the Rocky Balboa of social media and there has never been a more accurate description. While the naysayers were writing it off last fall, they kept moving forward.

GooglePlus continues to offer features that aren’t available on any other social sites and hits a nice balance between the buttoned-down LinkedIn and the maverick Facebook. If you are in business and want to get noticed and get indexed, THIS is where you need to be.

My guest today B. L. Ochman, has been helping blue chip brands incorporate new media into their marketing since 1996. She’s worked with Meijer Stores, Transitions Lenses, McGraw-Hill, Cendant, IBM, and many more. She writes for AdAge, Digital Next, Mashable, and others, and has spoken at more than 25 conferences.

B. L. is a raving fan of GooglePlus and today will share