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  1. Here's the problem. I was careful about doing the here case.
  2. I made up this nice expression, but then I did a copy and paste,
  3. and I edited the expression, and I swapped around the here and the there in this part.
  4. When I created the new state, I did that correctly.
  5. But down here I'm iterating over the people that were here.
  6. I'm trying to have candidates move from there to here,
  7. and I'm iterating over people that are here. That doesn't make any sense at all.
  8. I've got to fix that.
  9. Now the question is is it going to run this time.
  10. I found a bug. I fixed it. Is the program correct now?
  11. Yes, no, or not enough information, you can't tell yet?