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  1. Again, this is a type of t test. It uses the t distribution and the t table. We
  2. won't tell you how to calculate the t statistic, we'll just assume that you'll
  3. use a computer to conduct it. And by now you should be able to know the
  4. interpretation of whatever t statistic comes out for the output. Then you'll
  5. know when to reject or fail to reject the null. The degrees of freedom are
  6. important, though. And again that's just like when we did hypothesis testing
  7. with R. The degrees of freedom are N minus 2. Where N is the number of data
  8. points. So we have N values of X, and N values of Y. For example, let's say
  9. you're measureing the relationship between two variables, X and Y. And you have
  10. nine data points. So nine values of X, the independent variable and nine values
  11. of Y, the dependent variable. And let's say we do a non-directional test at
  12. alpha equals point zero five. And then let's say that we calculate our T
  13. statistic and we get five point seven seven. What can we conclude, their is or
  14. their is not. Enough evidence to reject the null, meaning there does or there
  15. does not appear to be a significant relationship between X and Y.