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  1. ♪ (intro music) ♪
  2. I suppose they can be
    a little scary to people,
  3. and they might not want them around.
  4. A lot of people think of them
    as sort of mindless, killing machines,
  5. and maybe they are, to some extent,
  6. but they are actually
    very attentive mothers.
  7. Cod is our albino American alligator.
  8. He's about 20 years old.
  9. American alligators are found mostly
  10. in the southeastern part
    of the United States.
  11. In the wild, they eat pretty much
    anything that they can catch.
  12. They'll eat small mammals, birds.
  13. They'll eat fish, reptiles,
    pretty much anything.
  14. Sometimes, the adult alligators
    will even eat baby alligators,
  15. so there's a bit of cannibalism
    in there, too.
  16. I think the most important thing
    about alligators
  17. is how they affect all of the animals
    around them in their habitat.
  18. During the dry season,
  19. the alligator holes
    stay filled with water,
  20. and all sort of surrounding animals
    can go there for water and nesting.
  21. They were endangered.
  22. They were actually one of the first
    animals on the endangered species list
  23. because of overhunting
    and also human encroachment.
  24. Their numbers were very low for awhile,
    but people came together:
  25. local government, and agencies,
    and even individuals really fought
  26. to save this animal.
  27. People realized pretty quickly
  28. that they were in danger
    of losing them forever
  29. and were really able to come together
    and save them as a species.
  30. ♪ (outro music) ♪