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  1. I thank everyday as Mother's Day.
  2. Allthough this is making a day
    as mother's day is the way
  3. to thank our mothers
    for what they have done for us.
  4. But let's not forget, that Mother's Day
    means buying presents! (Laugh)
  5. [a question] What's the difference between
    a mother's love and father's love in your live?
  6. Fotunatelly, I was raised
    in a very warm and affectioned family.
  7. I have never seen a man and a woman
    in love as my parents.
  8. They both loved us.
  9. But I think my father loved us
    with wisdom.
  10. My mother loved us with her heart.
  11. Without the mother's love
    no person can be complete.
  12. Without the mother's love
    one cannot be raised sane mentally.