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  1. So let's take a quick moment and talk about something else that's very important
  2. to game development: what format your images are in? Now typically on the
  3. internet when you find photos or pictures of cats just floating around on random
  4. web pages, it's actually in a JPEG format. JPEG was developed some time ago by a
  5. joint efforts group from some of the industry's largest contributors. Now when I
  6. say a while ago, I actually mean back in you know, the early days of the
  7. internet back when Al Gore still rode the Moon Worm through the plains of Handedoff.
  8. Another type of image format that you can use on the internet today, is actually
  9. one called PNG. Now where JPEG gives you better size comparison, PNG lacks in
  10. that department. However, PNG does give you one important feature: transparency.
  11. JPEG itself gives you better compression formats but doesn't allow you to use
  12. transparent pixels in your scene, which means the general rule of thumb is if you
  13. have an image on the internet that doesn't require it to be transparent you
  14. should probably be using JPEG. If it requires alpha you need to be using PNG.
  15. Now the cool thing about the internet is that it's always moving forward and new
  16. technologies are being developed every day to make the experience for end users
  17. better.
  18. Besides JPEG and PNG, there's a new image format coming down the pipe called
  19. WebP. WebP offers and interesting ground. First off, it has compression ratios
  20. similar if not better in some cases than JPEG but also allows you to have alpha
  21. transparency supported by PNG. Therefore we have with this new image format the
  22. ability to get good compression and alpha transparency where we need it. Don't
  23. you love the internet?